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About Us

We are a global movement.

Creating space for a new type of conversation and approach to gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The #NoMoreBoxes Movement challenges our deeply ingrained habit of putting people into boxes based on simple stereotypes and narrow perceptions. 

The gender box is one of the most common boxes in our society and sits at the heart of our challenges around attaining gender equality.

What do we mean by boxes?

Although statements like…

“Men are like this.. and/or women are like that” seem quite harmless they are deeply destructive and de-powering for both genders. 

Boxed based thinking perpetuates the idea of gendered roles and subtly informs and influences aspects like the gender pay gap.

Why should you join?

Do you want to bring in a new fresh approach to the gender equality and equity conversation?  

Than this is your place.

We are a space for a conversation that moves people out of their boxes and into the human space.  Space where people are valued for who they were born to be, not conditioned to be, because of their gender, race, religion, sexuality, education or background.

Than this is your community!